Panther Creek Trail - Tallulah Falls, GA

January 20, 2004

HIKERS - John Bellamy,   Steve Jordan,  Wayne Miller,  Rick Porter-Whitmire,  Tony Presley,  Dan Ross,  Gerald Shedd,  Jack Slaton,  Bob Thompson, and David Whitaker.

TRAIL INFO. - Our hike today was on the Panther Creek Trail near Tallulah Falls, GA. off of old Hwy. 441. This is a popular trail which starts at Panther Creek Park and ends near Yonah Dam. We hiked to Panther Creek Falls which is a little more than 7 miles round trip.

Another beautiful hiking day! Clear skies and chilly with temps ranging from 21-41 degrees F.   A beautiful, well-marked trail with a couple of tricky footing areas where caution must be taken.

The start of the trail at Panther Creek Park.
Some of the steeper cliffs along the trail
have hand rails.(cables)
There are many nice views of
Panther Creek all along the trail.
This is the area just above the falls.
Beautiful Panther Creek Falls!
A great day for a nice warm campfire!
Another view of the falls.
We passed by many acres of pine trees that have
been devestated by the Southern Pine Beetle!
The OFHC group for the day! Kneeling (l-r) Rick Porter-Whitmire, Steve Jordan, and Jack Slaton. Standing (l-r) Wayne Miller, Bob Thompson, John Bellamy, David Whitaker, Gerald Shedd, Dan Ross, and Tony Presley.
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