The Appalachian Trail - Dick's Creek Gap

March 9, 2004

HIKERS -  John Bellamy,   Terry Freeman,  Jack Jacobi,  Steve Jordan, Andria Marshall,  Hayward Marshall,  Wayne Miller,  Bob Presley,   Tony Presley,  Dan Ross,  Doug Russell,  Gerald Shedd,   Jack Slaton,  and Bob Thompson.

TRAIL INFO. - Our hike today was on the Appalachian Trail starting at The trail crossing at Dick's Creek Gap on Hwy. 76 between Clayton and Hiawassee, GA. We hiked southward to the Deep Gap Shelter.

Directions: Take Hwy. 76 W from Clayton, GA toward Hiawassee, GA. and drive approximately 15-18 miles and look for the Appalachian Trail crossing signs. The parking lot is on the right. Another beautiful hiking day! Partly Cloudy to cloudy with occasional snow flurries, a couple of snow showers and temps. in the mid 30's F. Total hike 8 miles.

Birds identified : Dark-eyed Junco, Tufted Titmouse, Pileated Woodpecker, White Breasted Nuthatch, and Carolina Wren.

The trail marker at Hwy. 76.
Our group of 14 heads off to Deep Gap.
Some very nice mountain views.
Here we see Lake Burton in the distance.
The sign at Deep Gap.
We gather around the campfire as it starts to snow.
Lunch time at the Deep Gap shelter.
The snow starts to pick up!
Here, Tony sets up the tripod for our group picture.
The OFHC gang for today's hike. ( (front l-r) Tony Presley, Bob Presley, Jack Jacobi, Doug Russell, Bob Thompson, and Wayne Miller. (back l-r) Dan Ross, Steve Jordan, Gerald Shedd, Jack Slaton, Andria Marshall, Hayward Marshall, Terry Freeman, and John Bellamy.

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