The Bartram Trail - Scaly Mountain, NC

June 22, 2004

HIKERS - Jack Jacobi,   James Jacobi,   Bob Magee,  Hayward Marshall,   Wayne Miller,   Bob Presley,   Tony Presley,  Doug Russell,  Gerald Shedd,  Geri Thompson, and David Whitaker.

TRAIL INFO. - Our hike today was on the Bartram Trail near Scaly Mtn., NC. We hiked from Hwy. 106 (Osage Overlook) to a point a mile or so beyond the top of Scaly Mountain.

Directions: Osge Overlook is 5.7 miles west of Highlands on NC Hwy. 106. Or from Dillard, GA turn right on GA 246 which becomes NC 106 and drive approx. 9 miles to Osage Overlook on the right.

Another beautiful hiking day! Partly Cloudy skies with temps. ranging from the upper 60's to the upper 70's F. Total hike approx. 5.5 miles miles. We rated the trail difficulty - moderate with lots of elevation gain and occasional rocky footing where caution must be taken.

FLORA IN BLOOM: Swamp Azalea, Flame Azalea, Bush Honeysuckle, Mountain Laurel, Tall Bluet, Mountain Hydrangea, Chinkapin, Beaked Hazel, Fly Poison, Indian Pipes, Saxafrage, Whorled Loosestrife, Hawkweek, Mountain Mint, Elderberry.

FAUNA: Red Spotted Salamander; Birds: Black-Throated Blue Warbler, Tohee, Black & White Warbler, Cat Bird, Scarlet Tanager, Dove, Raven, and Blue Jay.

The view from Osage Overlook!
Our starting point for today!
A nice refreshing waterfall a short distance off of
the trail during the first half-mile.
Next, we come to this trail intersection.
Near the top of Scaly we get some nice views (although hazy).
View from 4,804 ft. Scaly Mountain.
On top of Scaly, the trail is on solid rock for a good distance.
Wildflowers are abundant - these are Fire Pink (Silene virginica).
Clouds started to thicken around lunchtime.
The OFHC gang for today's hike. (l-r) David Whitaker, Geri Thompson, Wayne Miller, James Jacobi, Jack Jacobi, Bob Presley, Hayward Marshall, Doug Russell, Bob Magee, Gerald Shedd, and Tony Presley, .

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