Foothills Trail - Sloan's Bridge - Whitewater River, SC - NC

September 21, 2004

HIKERS - John Bellamy,   Phil Brownrigg,  Jack Jacobi,  Steve Jordan,   Wayne Miller,   Dan Ross,   Bob Presley,   and Tony Presley .

TRAIL INFO. - Today's Hike began at the parking lot at Sloan Bridge Picnic Area off of Hwy. 107 North of Walhalla, SC. We hiked on the Foothills Trail over to Whitewater Falls and back.

Total hike today 10 miles. Directions: From Walhalla, take SC 28 north to SC 107. Turn right and follow SC 107 for 16 miles to the Sloan Bridge Parking area which will be on the left. Trail starts across the highway from the parking lot.

Another beautiful hiking day! Fair with Temps in the low 50's to low 70's F.

FLORA IN BLOOM: Asters, Mountain Gentian, Goldenrod, White Wood Aster, White Snakeroot, Tall Lobelia, Spotted Jewelweed, Bear Paw Sunflower, Lady's Thumb, Horse Balm.

FAUNA: Birds Identified- Pileated Woodpecker, White-Breasted Nuthatch, Blue Jay, American Crow.

About a mile into the hike, we cross over into North Carolina.
A common site today! Lots of trees down due to Hurricane Ivan which passed by a few days earlier.
Here, a large tree has smashed a trail bridge into this stream near the Hwy. 130 bridge.
A view of the Whitewater River above the falls.
Our lunch spot near the river.
A nice view of the Carolina Mountains from the Whitewater Falls parking lot.
This view shows Lake Jocassee, SC!
Magnificent Whitewater Falls - Highest waterfall
east of the Rockies! (411 ft.)
Another view! The falls had more water than usual due to
Hurricane Ivan which passed 4 days earlier.
The OFHC gang for today's hike. (l-r) front- Wayne Miller, John Bellamy
and Bob Presley. back (l-r) Phil Brownrigg, Dan Ross,
Jack Jacobi, Steve Jordan and Tony Presley.

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