Kimsey Creek, Park Creek, Wasilik Poplar Trail

May 31, 2005

HIKERS - Phil Brownrigg,  Ray Cornell,   Leigh Ann Miller,  Wayne Miller,  Bob Presley,   Donna Presley,  Tony Presley,   Bob Thompson.

TRAIL INFO. - Today, we hiked on a couple of trails near Standing Indian Campground west of Franklin, NC. We did a loop from the campground that included a portion of Kimsey Creek and Park Creek Trails. We then followed that up with a hike from Rock Gap down to the Wasilik Poplar Tree.

Total round trip hiking distance - approx. 6.5 miles

Trail difficulty rating: Moderate due to the elevation change.

Directions: From Franklin, take US Rt. 64 west for 12 miles to Wallace Gap/Standing Indian campground sign (Old Murphy Rd. Old 64). Turn left onto Old Murphy Rd. and go 1.9 miles to Standing Indian campground sign (Forest Rt. 67). Turn right onto Rt. 67 and go 1.8 miles to the fork in the road and bear right into campground.

Another great day for a hike! Partly cloudy with temperatures ranging from the low to the upper 60's.


FLOWERS IN BLOOM: solomon seal, false solomon seal, spiderwort, Jack in the pulpit, foamflower, cow wheat, bluets, rattlesnake weed, blue violet, white violet, canada violet, robins plantain, daisy fleabane, large flowering trillium, vaseys trillium, yellow star grass, white clover, carrion flower, wild geranium, white clintonia, dutchmans pipe, maple-leaved viburnum, squawroot, golden alexander, lyre-leaved sage, buttercup, dog hobble, flame azalea, indian cucumber root, tall meadow rue, umbrella leaf, may apple, sweet cicily, blue cohosh.

BIRDS IDENTIFIED: Black & white warbler, black throated blue warbler, veery, blue jay, robin, pileated woodpecker, crow, junco, towhee, oven bird, wood pewee, tufted titmouse, nuthatch.


The trail is mostly through hardwood forest land with occasional patches of Eastern Hemlock and White Pines.
Unfortunately, we noticed many Hemlocks were infested with the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid. If you would like to read updated information about this dangerous pest, click here.
Most of the trail is through lush wildflower environment.
The trail sign at this intersection gives hikers good direction.
We had a very nice lunch spot for today near the campground.
This nice new sign is located at the parking lot at Rock Gap.
On the way to the Wasilik Poplar Tree, we
pass by this refreshing mountain creek.
The famous Wasilik Poplar. The tree is reported to be the second largest Tulip Poplar Tree in the Eastern U.S. Unfortunately, the tree is completely dead now.
"Tree huggers!" We determined that it took six
of us to reach completely around the tree!
Some of today's wildflowers (top left- clockwise)White Clintonia, Dog Hobble, Canada Violet, and Cow-wheat.
The Canada Violets were beautiful!
The OFHC Gang for today's hike. (front l-r) Bob Thompson,
Donna Presley, Leigh Ann Miller, Bob Presley, Phil Brownrigg,
Wayne Miller, Ray Cornell, Tony Presley.

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