Appalachian Trail, Deep Gap - Addis Gap.

February 28, 2006

This week's hike was on the Appalachian Trail in Georgia starting at Dick's Creek Gap and hiking to Deep Gap and Addis Gap.

HIKERS - John Bellamy,  Phil Brownrigg,  Terry Doyle,   Jack Jacobi,   Bryan Lambert,   Wayne Miller,  Bruce O'Connor,   Jeanne O'Connor,  Bob Presley,  Donna Presley,   Tony Presley,   Bob Thompson,  David Whitaker,  and Geri Whitaker .

TRAIL INFO. - This portion of the A.T. is very well-maintained and is a very nice hike in the mountains of North Georgia. There are excellent mountain views along the way through a beautiful hardwood forest. Today, we met 5 thru-hikers on their way to Maine! There is lots of elevation change as would be expected and we graded it only moderately strenous. Most of our group stopped at the Deep Gap Shelter for lunch and then returned. Three others hiked on to Addis Gap for lunch before returning.

Directions: Take Hwy. 76 W from Clayton, GA toward Hiawassee, GA. and drive approximately 15 to 18 miles and look for the Appalachian Trail crossing signs. The parking lot is on the right.

Total hiking distance today, 8.0 miles for Deep Gap Shelter hikers and 11.0 miles for the Addis Gap hikers.

Another great day for a hike! Sunny with temperatures ranging from the low 40's to the upper 50's F.

BIRDS IDENTIFIED: Raven, Crow, Pileated Woodpecker, Red Wing Blackbird, Carolina Wren, Carolina Chickadee, White Breasted Nuthatch, Black Vulture.

Unloading at Hwy. 76 Dick's Creek Gap.
Trail marker near our starting point as we walk southward on the A.T.
This entire hike gives nice mountain views, especially in the winter with no leaves on the trees.
We took a short side trail to this vista for a great view!
Lake Burton in the distance.
Another view from the same vista.
The trail sign at Deep Gap.
Lunchtime at the Deep Gap Shelter.
This shelter was very nice and clean.
Headed back to the starting point after lunch.
The OFHC gang for today's hike. (front l-r) Geri Whitaker, Donna Presley, Bryan Lambert, Jeanne O'Connor, Bruce O'Connor, Bob Presley, and Tony Presley. (back l-r) David Whitaker, Wayne Miller, Bob Thompson, Phil Brownrigg, John Bellamy, Jack Jacobi, and Terry Doyle.

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