The Yellow Mountain Trail

April 29, 2008

Today's hike was on the Yelllow Mountain Trail located between Highlands and Cashiers, NC. Hiking distance approximately 10 miles.

HIKERS - John Bellamy, Phil Brownrigg, Russell Burken, Greta Driggers, Pam Euliss, Jack Jacobi, Deena Johns, Wanda Miller, Wayne Miller, Donna Presley, Tony Presley, Vic Robson, Dan Ross, Doug Russell , Pom Sinnock, Faye Sisson, Bob Thompson, David Whitaker, Geri Whitaker, Carole Wintle.

TRAIL INFO. - A great trail with awesome mountain views. The trail takes you over Cole Mountain, Shortoff Mountain and finally climbs to the summit of Yellow Mountain (5,120 ft) Unfortunately, it seems that real estate developers have gotten control over a large chunk of Yellow Mountain and the awesome natural beauty of the area will be lost forever. This trail is rated very strenuous due to large elevation changes.

Directions: The Yellow Mountain Trail is located near Highlands, NC. Drive east on US 64 from Highlands 2.7 miles and turn left onto Buck Creek Road. Continue 2.3 miles up to Cole Gap. There is a sign and steps at the trail head on the right side of Buck Creek Road.

Another great day for a hike!  Fair, with temperatures ranging from 31 to 51 degrees F.

WILDFLOWERS IN BLOOM: Catesby's Trillium, Halberd-leafed Violet, Purple Violet, White Violet, Large-flowered Bellwort, Star Chickweed, Serviceberry, Highbush Blueberry, Bluet, Robin's Plaintain, Squawroot, Wood Anemone, Trailing Arbutus, Hooked Buttercup, Silverbells, and Cinquefoil.

BIRDS IDENTIFIED: Rose Breasted Grosbeak, Pine Warbler, Red Eyed Vireo, Black Capped Chickadee, Titmouse, Carolina Wren, Black Throated Blue Warbler, Towhee, Crow, Black & White Warbler, Oven Bird, Cat Bird, Yellow Throated Vireo, Turkey Vulture and Raven.

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The sign at the start of the trail on Buck Creek Rd.
Views begin early into the hike.
A cold morning as evidenced by this patch of Jack Frost. April 29th!
We saw lots of Squawroot (Conopholis americana). .
Great views as we near the summit of Yellow Mountain.
Lunchtime on Yellow Mountain!
Looking down from the old fire tower on Yellow Mountain.
Another view from the tower.
The very sad sign of real estate development on this National Treasure called Yellow Mountain!
The area was loaded with Catesby's Trillium (Trillium catesbaei)
"Another great day for a hike!"
The OFHC gang for today's hike. (l-r kneeling) Tony Presley, Wanda Miller, Faye Sisson, Geri Whitaker and David Whitaker. standing (l-r) Dan Ross, Carole Wintle, John Bellamy, Greta Driggers, Pam Euliss, Denna Johns, Phil Brownrigg, Donna Presley, Russell Burken, Doug Russell, Bob Thompson, Pom Sinnock, Vic Robson, Wayne Miller and Jack Jacobi.

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