The Appalachian Trail - Neels Gap - Wolf Laurel Top,GA October 21, 2008

Today's hike was on the Appalachian Trail in GA from Byron Reese Park (below Neels Gap) to Wolf Laurel Top and back. Total distance out and back - 8 miles.

HIKERS - John Bellamy, June Bellamy, Thomas Bowers, Phil Brownrigg, Greta Driggers, Pam Euliss, Bill Hunt, Jack Jacobi, Dick Metzgar, Chuck Marsh, Linda McDaniel, Wanda Miller, Wayne Miller, Bruce O'Connor, Jeanne O'Connor, Don Preece, Joe Raguckas, Vic Robson, Doug Russell, Lynne Saporito, Pom Sinnock, David Whitaker and Geri Whitaker.

TRAIL INFO. - A beautiful section of the Appalachian Trail with awesome mountain views. The hike starts a half mile past Neels Gap at Byron Herbert Reese Park. Hiking up the side of the highway to Neels Gap (Mountain Crossings Store) and taking the Appalachian Trail northward to Wolf Laurel Top.

Directions: Take US 19 and 129, north from Cleveland, GA and drive approximately 18 miles to the Byron Herbert Reese Park just a half mile past Neels Gap and the Walasi-Yi Center (Mountain Crossings).

Another great day for a hike!  Fair and cool with temperatures ranging from 49 to 56 degrees F. Hiking distance - 8 miles.

FLOWERS IN BLOOM: Various Asters, Snakeroot, Goldenrod, Gentian, Sunflower.

BIRDS IDENTIFIED: Crow, Blue Jay, Pileated Woodpecker, Carolina Chickadee, Acadian Flycatcher, Junco.

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Getting ready at Byron Reese Park.
Nice early morning view of the moon from the parking lot.
Another great day for a hike!
Fungus of the week!
Awesome mountain views along the trail! .
Lunchtime at Wolf Laurel Top!
Notice the silhouette of Thomas in this scene.
Headed back to Neels Gap!
New York Asters!
The hiking center at Neels Gap.
The OFHC gang for today's hike. (l-r front)Pam Euliss, Linda McDaniel, Lynne Saporito, Jeanne O'Connor, Bruce O'Connor, Geri Whitaker, Vic Robson, David Whitaker and Dick Metzgar. (l-r back 2 rows)Doug Russell, Pom Sinnock, Jack Jacobi, Phil Brownrigg, Chuck Marsh, Bill Hunt, Wayne Miller, Wanda Miller, June Bellamy, Don Preece, John Bellamy, Thomas Bowers, Joe Raguckas and Greta Driggers.

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