Lake Winfield Scott- Blood Mountain, GA - December 15, 2008

Today's hike was on the Slaughter Creek Trail, Appalachian Trail and Jarrard Gap Trail Starting and finishing at Lake Winfield Scott, GA. A loop hike of 7.6 miles.

HIKERS - Jeff Anderson, Melissa Anderson, Bill Hunt, Bruce O'Connor, Jeanne O'Connor, Donna Presley, Tony Presley, Vic Robson, Dan Ross, Doug Russell, Pom Sinnock, Faye Sisson, David Whitaker, Geri Whitaker and Carole Wintle.

TRAIL INFO. - The Lake Winfield Scott Recreation Area in Union County, GA has two excellent trails that connect with the Appalachian Trail. We hiked up the Slaughter Creek Trail 2.7 miles and connected with the Appalachian Trail and hiked .7 miles up to the summit of Blood Mountain. Then we returned to the trail junction at the Slaughter Creek Trail and hiked down the A.T. 2.3 miles to the Jarrard Gap Trail and 1.2 miles back down to the lake. A nice loop of 7.6 miles.

Directions: From Cleveland, GA - Travel North on Highway 129 for 21.3 miles and turn left just past Vogel State Park onto Highway 180. Continue on Highway 180 (Wolf Pen Gap Rd) for 6.7 miles and turn left at Lake Winfield Scott Rd and travel .5 miles to the parking lot. ($5 per car parking fee)

Another great day for a hike!  Cloudy, foggy, with drizzle. Temperatures ranged from 50-60 F. Hiking distance - 7.6 miles.


BIRDS IDENTIFIED: Crow, Pileated Woodpecker, White Breasted Nuthatch, Downy Woodpecker, Black & White Warbler, Carolina Chickadee

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Getting ready to hit the trail.
Crossing a foot-bridge early into the hike on Slaughter Creek.
Taking a short break on the Slaughter Creek Trail.
"Bo" the dog of the day, showing affection.
Fog is settling in!
Even in the fog, the trail shows its beauty! .
The wet and rocky Appalacian Trail.
We arrive at the historic Blood Mountain Shelter.
On the Appalachian Trail near Bird Gap.
Fungus of the week!
Another Great Day for a Hike!
The Jarrard Gap Trail intersection.
Back at the start, Bo takes a swim in Lake Winfield Scott!
The damp OFHC gang for today's hike. (kneeling l-r) Geri Whitaker, Donna Presley, Bruce O'Connor, "Bo" the trail dog and Faye Sisson, (standing l-r) Tony Presley, David Whitaker, Pom Sinnock, Jeff Anderson, Carole Wintle, Melissa Anderson, Jeanne O'Connor, Vic Robson, Dan Ross, Doug Russell and Bill Hunt.

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