Dicks Creek Gap - Plumorchard Gap - Appalachian Trail

Octobber 6, 2009

This week's hike was on the Appalachian Trail from Dicks Creek Gap to the Plumorchard Gap Shelter in GA near the border of Rabun and Towns County.

HIKERS - John Bellamy, June Bellamy, Jim Driggers, Greta Driggers, Pam Euliss, Dave Hinson, Bill Hunt, Jack Jacobi, Dick Metzgar, Don Preece, Donna Presley, Tony Presley, Vic Robson, Lynne Saporito, David Whitaker and Geri Whitaker.

TRAIL INFO. -Parking at Dicks Creek Gap, the trail starts up one of several serious climbs for the day. It is a beautiful hike through an awesome hardwood forest with rocky terrain typical of the Appalachian Trail in Georgia. This portion of the trail takes you on a series of four climbs as you work your way past Bull Gap and Cowart Gap along with a couple of unnamed gaps. At Plumorchard Gap, we took the side trail down to the shelter. This shelter has three levels to accommodate more hikers. Our trail difficulty rating - strenuous due to lots of elevation change with not much level ground to be found.

Total hiking distance - 9.5 miles R.T. Difficulty - Strenuous due to several long climbs coming and going.

Directions: Take Hwy. 76 W from Clayton, GA toward Hiawassee, GA. and drive approximately 15 to 18 miles and look for the Appalachian Trail crossing signs. The parking lot is on the right.

Another great day for a hike! Cloudy and mild, temperatures ranged from the mid 50's to the mid 60's F.

FLOWERS IN BLOOM: Blue Wood Aster, White Wood Aster, Golden Aster, Goldenrod (several varieties), Silverrod, Southern Harebell, White Snake Root, Heart Leafed Aster, Smartweed / Ladies Thumb, Mountain Gentian, Candy Root, Mountain Hydrangea, Lobelia

BIRDS IDENTIFIED: Pileated Woodpecker, Crow, Oven Bird, Blue Jay, Titmouse, Carolina Chickadee, Red Eyed Vireo, Flicker, Ruffed Grouse, Carolina Wren, Red Shouldered Hawk, Nuthatch.

Scroll down for photos from today!

Getting ready at Dicks Creek Gap.
Trail sign at the start.
Sourwood tree showing off its fall color!
There are some nice mountain views along the trail.
Some of today's wildflowers.
A nice spider! Marbled Orb Weaver
Tree of the week!
Trail sign at Plumorchard Gap.
The Plumorchard Gap trail shelter.
Lunchtime in the shelter!
Fungi of the week!
The OFHC gang for today's hike (l-r seated)June Bellamy, Donna Presley, Pam Euliss, Geri Whitaker, Lynne Saporito and Greta Driggers . (l-r back) Tony Presley, Jack Jacobi, John Bellamy, Jim Driggers, Don Preece, Dave Hinson, Bill Hunt, David Whitaker, Vic Robson and Dick Metzgar.

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