The Bartram Trail - Bob Gap - Dicks Creek Falls - Chattooga River - GA

June 1, 2010

This week's hike was on the Bartram Trail in Rabun Co., GA. from Bob Gap to a point a short distance beyond Dicks Creek Falls. Total round trip - 8.2 miles.

HIKERS - Greta Driggers, Jim Driggers, Pam Euliss, Bill Hunt, Jack Jacobi, Dick Metzgar, Donna Presley, Tony Presley, Vic Robson, Dan Ross, Pom Sinnock.

TRAIL INFO. This portion of the Bartram Trail is very nice with mountain views in winter, great views of the Chattooga River and Dicks Creek Falls, beautiful mixed forest, all on a very well marked and maintained trail. The terrain is rolling and we consider it to be moderately difficult.

Total hiking distance today - 8.2 miles

Directions: Take Warwoman Road 5.9 miles from Clayton and turn right on Sandy Ford Road. Cross the bridge turn left toward Dicks Creek then shortly turn right on Poole Creek Rd then 0.9 miles to Bob Gap.

Another great day for a hike! Partly Cloudy and very warm and humnid with temperatures ranging from 68 to 83 degrees F.

FLOWERS IN BLOOM: Tall Bluet, Common Milkweed, Small Spreading Pogonia Orchid, Ragwort, Milkwort, Yellow Stargrass, Spotted Wintergreen, Goat's Rue, Wild Quinine, Galax, Rattlesnake Plantain, Whorled Loosestrife, Partridgeberry, Yellowroot, Tassel Rue, Mountain Laurel, Catawba Rhododendrun, Sweet Azalea, New Jersey Tea, Bull Thistle and Indian Pipes.

BIRDS IDENTIFIED: Dark-headed Vireo, Red-eyed Vireo, Black and White Warbler, Chipping Sparrow, Hooded Warbler, Tufted Titmouse, Scarlet Tanager, Ovenbird, Rosebreasted Grosbeak, White-breasted Nuthatch, Northern Cardinal, Broad-winged Hawk and Pileated Woodpecker.

OTHER FAUNA: King Snake and an Eastern Fence Lizard.

Scroll down for photos and video from today!

Our parking spot on Poole Creek Rd.
Another great day for a hike!
Fungi of the week!
Rare sighting for us: Rosebud Orchid
A beautiful hike through the lush green forest.
Looking out over the top of Dicks Creek Falls.
Beautiful Dicks Creek Falls!
With recent heavy thunderstorms, the Chattooga was roaring violently!
Fragrant Sweet Azaleas were blooming near the river.
Lunchtime on the Chattooga River!
Our lunchtime view.
A nice Black King Snake!
This tree decided to eat the sign!
The OFHC gang for today's hike. (l-r) Jim Driggers, Dick Metzgar, Greta Driggers, Vic Robson, Donna Presley, Dan Ross, Pam Euliss, Pom Sinnock, Jack Jacobi, Bill Hunt and Tony Presley.

Bartram Trail - Bob Gap - Dicks Creek Falls

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