Raven Cliffs and Dukes Creek Falls Trail

June 29, 2010

This week's hike was on two trails off of the Richard Russell Scenic Highway near Helen, GA. First, we hiked the Raven Cliffs Trail to the Falls and Cliffs (5 mi R.T.). Next, we hiked the Dukes Creek Falls Trail (2.2 mi R.T.).

HIKERS - Thomas Bowers, Pam Euliss, Frank Holden, Adam Hunt, Bill Hunt, Layne Hunt, Martha Hunt, Dick Metzgar, Vic Robson, David Whitaker and Geri Whitaker.

TRAIL INFO. - Very nice trails in excellent condition featuring two main waterfalls along with giant rock cliffs. Most of the hike was very close to the beautiful mountain streams with the pleasant sounds of rushing water.

Total hiking distance today - 7.2 miles combined . Lots of flat walking with some hills. Difficulty is mostly easy.

Directions: Take GA 75 north from Helen for 1.5 miles. Turn left onto GA 356(75 Alternate) and travel 2.3 miles to the Richard B. Russell Scenic Highway. Turn right and travel 2.8 miles to the trailhead and parking area. The Dukes Creek trailhead is about a half-mile before the Raven Cliffs Trailhead.

Another great day for a hike! Partly Cloudy and warm with temperatures ranging from 78 to 84 degrees F.

FLOWERS IN BLOOM: Rosebay Rhododendron, Wild Hydrangea, Sourwood Trees, Rattlesnake Plantain, Queen Anne's Lace, Black Eyed Susan, Foam Flower, Milkweed.

BIRDS IDENTIFIED: Pileated Woodpecker, Oven Bird, Wood Thrush, Hooded Warbler, Carolina Wren, Great Crested Flycatcher, Red Eyed Vireo, Turkey Vulture, Cardinal.

Scroll down for photos and slideshow from today!

Our first trail today. A 5 mile out-and-back to Raven Cliffs Falls.
Another great day for a hike!
Colorful Fungus
Most of today's hike was along beautiful mountain streams.
Lots of cascades and small waterfalls.
Raven Cliffs!
Raven Cliffs Falls in the split of the massive rock cliffs.
Lots of nice mushrooms!
Our second trail of the day. A 2.2 out and back hike.
View from the parking lot at Dukes Creek Falls.
The upper observation deck!
Lunchtime at Dukes Creek Falls
A Portion of Dukes Creek Falls!
The OFHC gang for today's hike. (l-r front) David Whitaker, Vic Robson, Pam Euliss and Geri Whitaker. (l-r back) Bill Hunt, Layne Hunt, Adam Hunt, Martha Hunt, Dick Metzgar, Thomas Bowers and Frank Holden.

More photos!

Raven Cliffs 6-29-10

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