Bartram Trail - GA - Warwoman Dell - Rainey Mountain

August 28, 2012

TRAIL INFO. - We accessed the Bartram Trail at the Warwoman Dell Picnic Area near Clayton, GA. We hiked southward on the trail to a point a mile and a half past Big Rock. The trail is in good shape other than a couple of tree falls.

Total hiking distance today - 6 miles with considerable elevation gain. We rate the hike difficulty somewhat strenuous.

Directions:: Take Highway 884 East from Clayton, GA for 5 miles or so on Warwoman Road and look for the Warwoman Dell sign on the right and turn right and drive to the end of the gravel road and park. Take the trail to the left up the mountain following the yellow blazes.

Another great day for a hike! Cloudy and humid with temperatures ranging from 70 to 74 degrees F.

FLOWERS IN BLOOM: Elephant's Foot, Spotted Jewelweed, Stinging Nettles Flowering Spurge, White Snakeroot, Evening Primrose, Horse Balm, Wreath Goldenrod, Tall Goldenrod, St. Andrew's Cross, Featherbells, Whorled Coreopsis, False Foxglove, Joe Pye Weed, Yellow Star Grass and Woodland Sunflower.

Birds Identified: Blue Jay, Pine Warbler, Pileated Woodpecker, Red-eyed Vireo, Towhee, Nuthatch .

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Parking at The upper end of Warwoman Dell.
Information sign at the start.
We have a tree down across the trail at the .4 mile mark. Fairly easy to pass.
Another great day for mushrooms!
Marker at Green Gap.
A beautiful walk in the North Georgia mountains.
We took the side trail down to Big Rock.
Big Rock is a steep lookoff into the valley below.
The rope allows a safer walk down to the rock.
The view from Big Rock!
Looking down on Lake Toccoa and Camp Rainey Mountain.
Mushroom of the Week!
Wildflower of the Week - False Foxglove.
Lunchtime back at Warwoman Dell!
The OFHC gang for today's hike (l-r) Pam Euliss, June Bellamy, Bill Hunt, Donna Presley, Don Preece, John Bellamy, Phil Brownrigg, Dan Ross and Tony Presley.

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Bartram Trail Warwoman Dell Raiiney Mt. 8-28-12

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