Chattooga Loop Trail - Glenn Falls Trail, NC

September 11, 2012

TRAIL INFO. - We hiked on the Chattooga Loop Trail first and included a portion of the Chattooga Cliffs Trail. The loop trail is 2 miles long with amazing views of the river especially at the start from the Iron Bridge. It follows the river out for one mile then turns left up the ridge and takes you back to the start. If you do not turn left the trail becomes the Chattooga Cliffs Trail which is 6.25 miles long. We found the Cliffs Trail to be in need of maintenance with several difficult blow-downs blocking the trail. We turned around after about a half mile.

Next, we drove back up through Highlands and turned left toward Dillard (hwy 106) and drove 1.7 miles to Glenn Falls. The Glenn Falls Trail is a beautiful walk to three nice waterfalls. The trail is very popular and is very well maintained.

Total hiking distance today - About 6 miles with considerable elevation change. We rate the hike difficulty as moderate.

Directions: From main intersection of U.S. Hwy-64/ N.C. Hwy-28 in Highlands, NC drive through main street until the road turns into Horse Cove Road (just past Mtn. Fresh Grocery on your Right). Drive for 4.5 miles down into the cove via approx. 39 curves. Continue until you come to a fork in the road at a Brown mileage sign. Take the Right onto "Bull Pen Rd." for 3 miles to the trailhead at the Chattooga River and Iron Bridge. There is parking along the roadside and at the trailhead.

Another great day for a hike! Mostly sunny and cool with temperatures ranging from 58 to 66 degrees F.

FLOWERS IN BLOOM: Spotted Jewelweed, White Snakeroot, Partridge Pea, Blue Aster, White Aster, Mountain Hydrangea, Goldenrod, Maryland Golden Aster, Blue Lobelia, Lady's Thumb, Thin Leaved Sunflower, Heal-All, Joe Pye Weed, Black-eyed Susan .

Birds Identified: Red-Shoulderd Hawk, Cardinal, Junco, Nuthatch .

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Trailhead for the hike is adjacent to the old iron bridge on Bull Pen Rd.
Awesome views of Chattooga River rapids from the bridge.
Looking from the river back up to the iron bridge.
The river flows through the massive rock boulders and ledges.
History of the Chattooga Loop Trail.
We encounter some difficult tree-falls.!
Fungus of the Week!
The upper head-waters of the "Wild and Scenic" Chattooga River.
A great lunch spot!
Blue Lobelia
Our second hike was on the Glenn Falls Trail to three waterfalls - this is the Upper Falls!
The middle falls.
The lower falls.
The OFHC gang for today's hike! (l-r) Tony Presley, Phil Brownrigg, Donna Presley, Pam Euliss, Vic Robson, Carole Wintle, Dick Metzgar, Karen Brown, Greta Driggers, Jim Driggers, Lynne Saporito, Don Preece and Pom Sinnock.

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Chattooga Loop Trail and Glenn Falls 9-11-12

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