The Broad River Trail - Dicks Creek - Farmers Bottom - GA

February 21, 2012

Today's hike was on the Broad River Trail near Toccoa, GA from Dicks Creek to Farmers Bottom.

HIKERS - John Bellamy, June Bellamy, Karen Brown, Phil Brownrigg, Pam Euliss, Jack Jacobi, Dick Metzgar, Don Preece, Donna Presley, Tony Presley, Vic Robson, Dan Ross, David Whitaker, Geri Whitaker and Carole Wintle.

TRAIL INFORMATION - The Broad River Trail is a beautiful woodland hike along Dicks Creek and the Broad River. The trail conditions were not good on parts of the trail because of fallen trees. The trail starts at Dicks Creek and ends 3.8 miles southward at Farmers Bottom.

Directions: From Toccoa take Highway 123 west and continue straight through the Jeanette Jameison intersection and continue on about a mile and a half and turn left onto Ayersville Rd. (Patterson Pump Inc.). Continue about a half mile or so and turn left onto F.S. Road 87 (dirt) continue past the game checking station for about a mile or so and look for a trail sign on the right. Park on the side of the road. (If you are coming from Cornelia/Clarkesville on the 4-lane Highway 17, turn to the right at the traffic light at Jeanette Jameison Intersection and continue as above.)

Another great day for a hike! Fair and cool with temperatures ranging from 38 to 50 degrees F. Hiking distance - 7.6 miles.

FLOWERS IN BLOOM: Trout Lily, Purple Violet and Pussy Toes.

BIRDS IDENTIFIED:Carolina Chickadee, American Crow, Pileated Woodpecker, Cedar Waxwings, Blue Jay and Turkey Vulture.

OTHER FAUNA: White-tailed Deer scroll down for photos.......

Scroll down for photos from today!

Getting ready at the trailhead on F.S. Road 87.
Trail sign near the road.
Early into the hike we follow along Dicks Creek.
We saw hundreds of Trout Lilies along the trail.
Beautiful Dicks Creek!
The old circular Hemlock tree..
Dicks Creek has combined with the Broad River.
Another great day for a hike!
Looks like this could be an old Indian trail marker tree.
This is an old rock furnace for a moonshine still.
The bridge at Farmers Bottom.
Viewing the Broad River from the bridge.
Year-round hiking trail.
The OFHC gang for today's hike! (l-r front) David Whitaker and "Nugget",Carole Wintle and "Ty", Donna Presley, Geri Whitaker and "Gabby", Vic Robson and Pam Euliss. (l-r back) Karen Brown, Dan Ross, Phil Brownrigg, Dick Metzgar, June Bellamy, John Bellamy, Jack Jacobi, Don Preece and Tony Presley.

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Many more photos below!

Broad River Trail Hike 2-21-12

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