Three Forks - Springer Mountain, GA - A.T.


hikers - John Bellamy,   Jay Clark,  Sam Hay,  Bill Dorman,  Bob Dixon,  Jack Jacobi,  Steve Jordan,   Bob Magee,  Wayne Miller,  Leigh Ann Miller,  Bob Presley,  Tony Presley, Dan Ross,   Bill Taylor,   Bob Thompson,  David Whitaker  

Trail access - Three Forks (approx. 4 miles from Springer Mtn.) by F.S. Road 58. The hike from Three Forks to Springer Mountain (the Southern Terminus of the Appalachian Trail) is approximately an 8 mi. round trip.

Another beautiful hiking day! Clear - temperature ranged from 66-78 degrees F..  

Wildflowers viewed - Fire pink,  tall bluets,  Mountain laurel,  Spiderwort,  Blue-eyed grass,  Jack-in-the-pulpit,  Star chickweed,  Foam flowers,  Flame azalea,  Michaux's saxifrage,  goats beard,  whorled loosestrife,  Phlox,  and galax- among others.

Fauna identified -  Grey Squirrel,  Chipmunk,  Turkey Vulture,  Hooded Warbler,  Chestnut-sided Warbler,  Black-Throated Green Warbler,  Black-Throated Blue Warbler,  Acadian Flycatcher,  Oven Bird,  Towhee,  Red-eyed Vireo,  Dark Headed Vireo,  Junco.

Our largest weekly hiking group! 16 hikers on the way to Springer.
A nice, moderatly easy hike with a comforting
canopy of trees for the entire distance.
A very nice view from the summit of Springer Mountain.
The marker at the start of the Appalachian Trail!
One of the intersections with the Benton Mackaye Trail.
Our group at Springer. (l-r kneeling) Bob Dixon, Wayne Miller,
Bob Presley, Leigh Ann Miller and David Whitaker. (standing l-r)
Tony Presley, Steve Jordan, Bill Taylor, Jack Jacobi, Bill Dorman,
Bob Magee, Dan Ross, John Bellamy, Bob Thompson, Sam Hay, and Jay Clark.

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