Scaly Mountain - Bartram Trail


hikers - Steve Doyle,   Terry Doyle,   Steve Jordan,   Bob Magee,  Wayne Miller,  Bob Presley,  Tony Presley, Dan Ross,   Doug Russell,  Jack Slaton,   Bob Thompson,  David Whitaker.  

Trail access - Osage Mountain Overlook on N.C. Hwy. 106. Hiked up the Bartram Trail to Scaly Mountain and beyond. (6.5 mi. round trip)

Another beautiful hiking day! Partly cloudy - temperature ranged from 70-80 degrees F..  

Wildflowers viewed - Fire Pink,  Galax,  Flame Azalea,  Rhododendrun M.,  Whorled Losestrife, Tall Bluet,  Spiderwort,  Phlox,   Yellow Star Grass,  Black-eyed Susan, Chinkapin, Coreopsis, M. Saxafrage, Fly Poison, Interrupted Fern, Mountain Laurel, Indian Pipes, - among others.

Fauna identified -  Veery,   Turkey Vulture,  tufted titmouse,   Brown Thrasher,  blue jay,   towhee.

Osage Mountain Over-look!
The view from Osage Over-look.
A nice small waterfalls a short distance above Hwy 106.
A sweet-smelling Swamp Azalea.
The view from to top of Scaly Mountain!
Our group at Scaly. Kneeling (l-r)Jack Slaton, Doug Russell, Wayne Miller, Steve Doyle, and David Whitaker. Standing (l-r) Tony Presley, Bob Thompson, Bob Presley, Dan Ross, Bob Magee, Steve Jordan, and Terry Doyle.

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