Whiteside Mountain plus the Botanical Gardens trails - Highlands, NC

September 2, 2003

HIKERS - John Bellamy,   Jack Jacobi,  Steve Jordan,  Wayne Miller,   Bob Presley,  Dan Ross,  Doug Russell,  Gerald Shedd,  Bob Thompson,   .

TRAIL INFO. - Whiteside Mountain is located between Highlands and Cashiers, NC. Highlands Botanical Garden is located on East Main Street, approximately 1/4 mile from the center of town.

Another beautiful hiking day! Partly Cloudy - temperature ranged from 72-78 degrees F. Hiking distance 6 miles total.  

Wildflowers viewed -  White snake root, woods aster, coreopsis, heal all, golden rods, golden glo sunflower, starry campion, black-eyed susans, bluets, Joe Pye Weed, Southern Harebells, Asters.

Fauna identified -  Juncos, Towhee, Belted Kingfisher.

A hazy morning on Whiteside Mountain!
There are many great views of the rock cliffs.
Rail fences allow you to go to the edge of the cliffs.
The trails at the Botanical Gardens offer
many seasonal wildflowers in bloom.
Grass of Parnassus in bloom!
Another nice short trail is nearby Sunset Rocks.
Exploring Sunset Rocks.
Our group photo at Whiteside Mountain.
(l-r) Steve Jordan,   Dan Ross,   Doug Russell, 
John Bellamy,  Bob Presley,  Bob Thompson,  
Jack Jacobi,   Wayne Miller,  and Gerald Shedd.

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