Bartram Trail - Fish Hawk Mtn. - NC

October 14, 2003

HIKERS - John Bellamy,   Jack Jacobi,   Steve Jordan,  Wayne Miller,   Bob Presley, Tony Presley, Gerald Shedd, Jack Slaton,   Dan Ross,   and David Whitaker.

TRAIL INFO. - Our hike on the Bartram Trail today began at Jones Gap.   Off of Hwy 64 west of Highlands, NC we followed FS road 4522 to the Jones Gap parking lot.

Another beautiful hiking day!  Different - but still beautiful in its own way! - Cloudy with a heavy, misty fog most of the day - temperature ranged from 58-68 degrees F.   We hiked from Jones Gap to the summit of Fish Hawk Mountain and back.   Hiking distance 7 miles with moderate elevation change.  Great trail - well marked with some great views on clear days.  

Wildflowers viewed -  Closed Gentian, White Snakeroot, Wood Asters, Phlox, Heal-All, Lady's Thumb.

Fauna identified -   Grouse, Pileated Woodpecker, Carolina Wren, Junco.

Our starting point at Jones Gap.
Heavy fog was with us all day, but,
it still beats working!
The Bartram trail is marked with yellow trail
blazes. (today with matching foliage!)
On top of Fish Hawk Mtn.!
At Fish Hawk - our group discussing the important issues of the day!
The plaque on top of Fish Hawk - honoring William Bartram.
Near Whiterock Mtn. we see lots of Reindeer
Lichen (mounds) and red foliage of blueberries.
The OFHC gang at Whiterock Gap. Front (l-r) David Whitaker, Jack Jacobi, Bob Presley, and Steve Jordan. Back (l-r) Tony Presley, Dan Ross, Jack Slaton, Gerald Shedd, John Bellamy, and Wayne Miller.

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