Chattooga River Trail - Big Bend Falls

November 18, 2003

HIKERS - John Bellamy,  Terry Doyle,   Wayne Miller,   Bob Presley,  Tony Presley,  Rick Porter-Whitmire,  Dan Ross,  Gerald Shedd,  and Bob Thompson.

TRAIL INFO. - We parked at the Burrell's Ford Campground parking lot (off of SC HWY 107 north of Walhalla) and hiked south on the Chattooga River Trail / Foothills Trail beyond Big Bend Falls. Round trip 8+ miles.

Another beautiful hiking day! Cloudy with some fog and a couple of brief showers 60-65 degrees F. This section of the Chattooga River Trail combines with the Foothills trail for most of the distance. This beautiful section of the trail stays fairly close to the river for most of the hike. 

Early in the hike, the Chattooga River Trail joins the Foothills Trail.
The trail follows the shorline of the Chattooga for most of the hike.
The trail features lots of rock out-crops.
The river was crystal clear and we were able to spot some trout.
We stopped several times along the river for photos.
Lots of awesome views down to the river.
Big Bend Falls! A very loud roar here!
Another view near the top of Big Bend Falls.
The OFHC gang on the Chattooga ! (kneeling l-r)Rick Porter-Whitmire, Tony Presley, and Gerald Shedd.(standing l-r) Terry Doyle, Dan Ross, John Bellamy, Wayne Miller, Bob Thompson, Bob Presley.

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