Brasstown Bald - Jack's Knob Trail

December 30, 2003

HIKERS - John Bellamy,   Wanda Miller,  Wayne Miller,  Donna Presley,  Tony Presley,  and Gerald Shedd.

TRAIL INFO. - Our hike today began at the Highway 180 parking lot at the intersection of Alt. 180. We followed Jack's Knob Trail up to the Brasstown Bald Parking lot and hiked up the steep half-mile trail to the Visitor's Center which is closed for the season but you can still use the observation decks for awesome views. Total hike today - 7 miles.

Another beautiful hiking day! Clear skies and breezy with temps ranging from 30-50 degrees F. This trail is strenuous on the way up to the top, but the return trip is mostly downhill after the initial climb from the parking lot up the mountain on Jack's Knob Trail.  

This is the sign at the intersection of HWY 180 and alt 180. We parked here.
It is a beautiful trail, although a long climb. Many nice views all the way up.
The Jack's Knob Trail ends at the back of the parking lot of Brasstown Bald and this is the view that greets you!
Looking back to the start of the Jack's Knob Trail we see the ice-coated trees.
At the end of the .5 mile Brasstown Bald Trail you have reached the summit and the Visitor's Center. (Georgia's highest point!)
The observation deck of the Center offers an awesome 360 degree view of the GA/NC mountains.
Here, we look back down the Brasstown parking lot.
A beautiful view in every direction!
This is the view from our lunchtime picnic table at the end of the parking lot.
Here is the OFHC gang at the breezy and cold visitor's center. (l-r) John Bellamy, Gerald Shedd, Wayne Miller, Wanda Miller, Donna Presley, Tony Presley, and "Jet" Presley.

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